Appendix... A.00

A.01> Our Declaration of Interdependence.

A.02> The INTERnet.comUNITY Resolution to set Peace Time for Ourselves and Posterity.

A.03> The INTERnet.comUNITY Resolution of Honor.

A.04> Organization Team Building Resolution.

A.05> Organization Team Building Resolution of Honor.

A.06> Organization Team Building Reconciliation Statement.

A.07> Organization Team Building Maps, Numbers, and Stories.

A.08> "Common Cents for Common Sense".

A.09> INTERnet.philomatheia.comUNITY Team Teaching Awards.

A.10> INTERnet.philadelphia.comUNITY Team Spirit Awards.

A.11> Republic Ships of State Manifests of Arrivals and Departures.

A.12> Republic Ships of State Universal Stop War at the Source Treaty Affirmations.

A.13> INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites netcast "Peace Time is Set @ Civic Reasoning.Net".

A.14> Seven Team Building Techniques.

A.15> The Laws of The Communication Formula.

A.16> Team Building Stewardship Eyes.