Civic Illiteracy

Georgia State Senate Resolution 529: "WHEREAS, civic illiteracy is the inability to acquire knowledge necessary to share The Republican Form of Government; the blind, insidiously evil ignorant condition that relegates citizens to divisible positions without representation; the inability to communicate, cooperate and coordinate; the source of all community problems." Civic illiteracy is the acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome (AIDS) of "The Constraints of Corporate Tradition" that instill institutional fear in people of all nations and cultivate depraved indifference for all children on Earth. Examples: it is depraved indifference when employees abuse children; and it is institutional fear + depraved indifference when executives direct employees who abuse children; and it is acquired intelligence deficiency + institutional fear + depraved indifference when members provide money and children for executives to direct employees who abuse children. ACCG Magazine: "This is a war between preservation of the human spirit and the degradation of humankind." This is Republic verses Democracy. This is Civic Reasoning verses Civic Illiteracy.