To: Patriotic Members of Patriotic Organizations

Subject: INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites

The Georgia General Assembly inspires We the People to come together and defeat civic illiteracy with Stewardship Universal Standards for Discipline Universal Principles in order for all families + organizations + nations to be of a committing people, by a representing people, and for a reconciling people.

OUR INTERnet.comUNITY enables Circles of Friends to link family commitments + organization commitments + nation commitments that mutually set Peace Time for ourselves and Posterity in order for the Light of Freedom in Lady Liberty's Lamp to be Our Universal Story of Peace on Earth that Enlightens the World forevermore.

Civic Reasoning Team Builders SEND Our Education E-Mail to world-class educators, SEND Our Government E-Mail to patriotic elected officials, and brand good organizations with mutual links from INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites.

INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites present GA-SR529 good examples of Civic Reasoning Families + Magnificent Seven Systems + Republic Ships of State that complement the Laws of Nature and celebrate The Republican Form of Government. Imagine how effective We the People can be when we know as much about Family Team Building + Organization Team Building + Nation Team Building as we know about Football Team Building + Basketball Team Building + Baseball Team Building.

Thank you for helping K-12 students in all nations learn Family Team Building + Organization Team Building + Nation Team Building from INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites netcasting "Peace Time is Set @ Civic Reasoning.Net".

On behalf of The Civic Reasoning Invitation Team, we are

Sincerely yours,


Dennis Lutz, Coordinator
INTERnet.comUNITY Team Teaching Web-Sites

Ken Krautter, Coordinator
The Georgia General Assembly Resolutions