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491,669 city and county, 18,828 state, and 542 federal elected officials in 50 United States and elected officials in all United Nations can prepare their INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Site and SEND Our Government E-Mail for constituent families to serve with the Civic Reasoning Invitation Team and recognize five patriotic elected officials who helped develop www.civicreasoning.net for all families + organizations + nations on Earth.

To: Each citizen who is linked by Cumming City Government Stewardship Coordinates to 5,000 citizens who are linked by Forsyth County Government Stewardship Coordinates to 100,000 citizens who are linked by Georgia State Government Stewardship Coordinates to 8 million citizens who are linked by United States Government Stewardship Coordinates to 280 million citizens who are linked by United Nations Stewardship Coordinates to 6 billion citizens who are linked biologically by the Laws of Nature and spiritually by the Love of Nature's God to each other.

Cc: INTERnet.government.comUNITY Coordinators

Subject: INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites

Dear Constituent Families,

Please visit www.civicreasoning.net, read Our Universal Story of Peace on Earth, and help the Civic Reasoning Invitation Team plant seeds of civic literacy for all families, organizations, and nations on Earth with INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites.

The INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites of patriotic citizens and elected officials can help one billion K-12 Students in all nations set our INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Course to use Civic Reasoning, as patriotic citizens and 236 members of the 1972 Georgia General Assembly helped one million K-12 Students in Georgia and South Carolina set the Citizen Petition Course to defeat civic illiteracy.

Civic Reasoning Invitation Team Circles of Friends link family commitments (Our Declaration of Interdependence) + organization commitments (The INTERnet.comUNITY Resolution) + nation commitments (Republic Ships of State Manifest) that make all children on Earth everyone's concern forevermore.

Five patriotic elected officials responded to Georgia General Assembly Resolutions and helped Coweta County and Forsyth County communities co-develop www.civicreasoning.net for all families, organizations, and nations on Earth. They are the late Washington Mayor Edward B. Pope: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to be divisible"; former DeKalb County CEO Manuel J. Maloof: "We call on everyone to participate in this great campaign to defeat civic illiteracy"; former Georgia State Senator Eugene Walker: "We must first protect all children"; the late Georgia State Senator Culver Kidd: "Civic illiteracy is a threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of the people and the security of the United States of America"; and former United States Senator Sam Nunn: "The time has come for the people and governmental bodies to join together".

Civic Reasoning Team Builders (Sovereign Citizens, Active Members, Vigilant Investors, Gracious Patrons, Industrious Employees, Wise Consumers) reconcile Eight Stewardship Coordinates with each other that celebrates the 99.9% Human Genome Commonality in each other.

Thank you for helping all families, organizations, and nations on Earth learn Family Team Building + Organization Team Building + Nation Team Building from INTERnet.comUNITY Team Building Web-Sites netcasting "Peace Time is Set @ Civic Reasoning.Net".

Sincerely yours,

Michael Bennett, Vice Chairman
Forsyth County Board of Commissioners